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India's premier Surrogacy and IVF agency that has been helping couples from around the world realizing their dream of Parenthood via the most modern, yet cost effective, Fertility program for over 5 years.

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Why us

There are a growing number of organisations out there who claim and to offer IVF/ Surrogacy in India. So how are we at The White Stork Company different?

Real Experience : We have experienced infertility and been through the end to end process of undergoing treatment and of having success in India not just for our clients but ourselves. As a result, our people can empathize with your situation and assist you based on real knowledge and experience of relevant processes having done it! Medical, legal, logistical, everything's

Personal Service : You will deal with us directly and from start to finish. Rest assured that you will not be palmed off to administrators, call centres and/ or need to deal with the frustration of multiple contacts at any time during your experience.

Specific Focus : We have experience in and therefore focus on fertility/ surrogacy solutions, we are not a general medical tourism operation and hence you will only be introduced to and be treated by the best in the field.

Practical and Tailored Solutions : Neither we or the doctors we deal with, will impose a 'one size fits all' approach to you. Any programme will be specifically adapted to your medical and lifestyle requirements.

Medical Expertise : We have carefully selected a few international Practitioners who have excellent skills and successful track record in the area of IVF/ Surrogacy treatment. In addition their paramedics, i.e. nurses, anesthetists, embryologists, clinical co-coordinators etc. are well trained and the best in their respective fields.

Our Relationship with our Partner Clinics : There are numerous hospitals/clinics which are offering IVF/ Surrogacy services to International clients but we have chosen to partner with only those who meet the highest medical quality standards and are aligned to our own moral and ethical guidelines. We have been helping clients to obtain quality medical treatments in India for the past 7 years. We are able to insist on and ensure that you, as our client receive a premium service and preferred status.

Availability of Options : Our biggest advantage is that we offer you a choice, choice on which city, which doctor and which clinic you wish to use. We are unlike other organisations operating in this area which are mainly attached to one doctor or clinic. We offer you a tailor made package with your choice of doctor and clinic, suited to your needs.

We will have your records assessed by each of our selected doctors, each who will give their assessment regarding the fertility protocol. If desired we can facilitate a conference call between you and the doctors wherein you can discuss any details. Further we will encourage you to discuss these protocols with your own, local fertility specialist, so as to make an informed choice. Lastly, having intimate knowledge of the style and nature of the different clinics and practitioners we can help guide your informed decision making.

On-the-Ground Concierge Service : We have a very strong on-ground presence in all the cities where our partner clinics are located and can offer you support and guidance on all necessary aspects of your travel and stay in India both during treatment and post-delivery wise. This aspect of it simply takes a lot of the hassle out of your stay and enables you to feel relaxed and looked after.

Be it transfer to and from the airport, overseeing your hospital stay arrangements, hotel bookings, local transport, arranging care, ticketing and visa support, sightseeing or just ordering a pizza'. From the time you arrive in India, until the time of your departure, we will work to ensure that your time is efficiently spent, purposeful and as enjoyable as possible. After all you want to have some fun during what can be a stressful experience!

Our goal is to provide you with relevant medical solutions to your particular needs and also assist you with all that is necessary to make your treatment in and experience with India as efficient and effective as possible.

Beyond achieving your dream of parenthood, India is an absolute package of treatment, discovering a new destination, pleasure, and of savings.
We invite you to contact us to learn more about our services. We are here to give you hope that parenthood is really possible and to provide the information and help needed to support you in your journey to achieving it.
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