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Surrogacy Solutions in India

Why India

We know that you may be nervous about travelling to India to pursue treatment, which is understandable. So why go there? Below are just some of the reasons to seriously consider India as a place to seek a fertility solution and/ or have your child or children.

Cost : IVF/ Surrogacy costs in India are considerably less than in Europe, the USA and Asia Pacific. You can be assured that the skills and experience of practitioners, the medical facilities and the technology employed is second to none. Even after you have taken into account the costs of travel and living expenses during your stay, you will likely find the total cost is still less than pursuing a solution in your home country.

Success Rates : We only deal with skilled and experienced hospitals and clinics. The average success rates of IVF treatment in these clinics is around 40% which is amongst the best in the world. All our selected doctors are highly skilled thought leaders and have worked and/or trained extensively in western countries. It is their professional training and experience having performed hundreds of cycles per month that produce these high success rates which are up with the best in the world. In addition, more 'open' practices here increase chances of pregnancy success.

For example, with regards to embryo transfer treatment is based on patient/ clinician discussion and needs as opposed limits set by policy. Note that we will not be party to, nor facilitate any undertaking which contravenes moral or medical ethics in our country.

Access to Quality Donors and Surrogates : Finding willing and suitable donors and/ or surrogates in your home country is often very difficult and waiting times can be prohibitive. India offers women who are physically, physiologically and 'culturally' suited to pregnancy and their support infrastructure and lifestyle throughout pregnancy can give you huge peace of mind. Only donors and surrogates which meet stringent health and lifestyle criteria are considered for the precious task required of them.

Medical Facilities and Expertise : In India, particularly in Delhi and Mumbai, we have established relationships and have proven track record in all areas of fertility treatment. Once you decide to proceed with us, you will have full access to these world class medical facilities, techniques and standards of care.

Legal Advantages : Whilst the legal position on international surrogacy will vary by country. In India, the legal system recognizes commercial surrogacy and is tolerant towards foreigners looking to fulfill their parenthood dreams here.

Cultural Alignment : English is widely spoken and many Indian doctors have trained and/ or practiced in the UK or USA. As a result, they are familiar with your own local practice, techniques, medications and protocols so dealing with them will not be completely foreign to you. English is also fluently spoken, thus eradicating any potential communication concerns you may have.

Combining a Medical Trip with a Pleasure Trip : Why not? India is an enchanting country, bounded by the magnificent Himalayan ranges in the north and fringed along the west, south, and east by a continuous stretch of beautiful, sunny beaches, India is a vibrant combination of breathtakingly stunning landscapes, amazing historical sites, royal cities, colourful people, rich cultures and innumerable festivals. Indian culture is extremely ancient and covers a wide range of folk lore, dances, ancient art, and traditions. Indian cuisine is as diverse and varied as the culture and landscapes in the country.

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