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Mrs. & Mr. T H C had been trying to get pregnant for over 10 years. When natural conception failed them, they turned to IVF and eventually to Surrogacy. Unfortunately even surrogacy was not simple for them. Their first attempt ended in a failure and it was heart breaking for them to see the couples who attempted surrogacy along with them getting pregnant while both their surrogates testing negative for pregnancy. They were not the ones to give up though and decided to come back for another try. The only thing they had on their side was their conviction that they can get pregnant and fortunately one surrogate in the next cycle resulted in a positive pregnancy. The pregnancy was a smooth sail till about the 2nd quarter when the surrogate started reporting high and inconsistent blood pressure. By the end of 34th week, the BP readings starting becoming more varied and the surrogate was admitted in the hospital for 15 days under 24 hour observation. Ultimately it was decided by the end of 35th week that the baby will be delivered so to take no chances. Thus a slightly pre mature but healthy young boy came into the world on 30th September 2015 in the waiting arms of a doting couple.

TWSC is proud to be a part of the amazing journey of Mrs & Mr. THC and wish their family all the best.

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