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Mrs. & Mr. T H C had been trying to get pregnant for over 10 years. When natural conception failed them, they turned to IVF and eventually to Surrogacy. Unfortunately even surrogacy was not simple for them. Their first attempt ended in a failure and it was heart breaking for them to see the couples who attempted surrogacy along with them getting pregnant while both their surrogates testing negative for pregnancy. They were not the ones to give up though and decided to come back for another try. The only thing they had on their side was their conviction that they can get pregnant and fortunately one surrogate in the next cycle resulted in a positive pregnancy. The pregnancy was a smooth sail till about the 2nd quarter when the surrogate started reporting high and inconsistent blood pressure. By the end of 34th week, the BP readings starting becoming more varied and the surrogate was admitted in the hospital for 15 days under 24 hour observation. Ultimately it was decided by the end of 35th week that the baby will be delivered so to take no chances. Thus a slightly pre mature but healthy young boy came into the world in the waiting arms of a doting couple.

TWSC is proud to be a part of the amazing journey of Mrs & Mr. THC and wish their family all the best.

Mrs. & Mr. T H C


We are a couple from Australia. After 6 years of going back and forth with different companies and facing many setbacks, we decided to trust our fertility journey to Whitestork in July this year (2013). We went with their IVF and egg donor package.

Right from the beginning we were treated with dignity, kindness and honesty. Now we are blessed to be having twins that are due March/April.

We recommend Whitestork and the fantastic medical team they work with, 100% all the way. Sending you all loads of baby dust and may your journey have as happy an ending as ours!

Sara W.


After marriage we were trying to conceive for many years . In this process we had several failed attempts of IVF and two failed attempts of surrogacy in Mumbai. We were totally shattered, but still kept hope and decided to try our one last attempt with delhi based ‘The White Stork Company’. And right from the start we knew that we had made the right decision.

Their team was very professional and helpful. As soon as we landed in India everything was taken care for us along with selection of surrogate, document processing, boarding and lodging etc. We started our surrogacy process, emotionally drained out but the enthusiasm and courage of The White Stork Company team helped it make a comfortable journey and YES! Finally we got the biggest joy of our lives –our two pretty angels.

I still remember that when we received this news we were still in UK as our visa processing was taking time. But the The White Stork Company team took personal care of the babies in our absence and helped us in our every hour of need.

Thanks to The White Stork Company we are now blessed with beautiful twin girls.

Mr. and Mrs. Alan, UK


We are thankful to “The White Stork Company” for fulfilling our dream of having a child.

We are lucky to have twins in our first attempt and all credit goes to the professional team of White Stork.

We recommend them to anybody who is looking for surrogacy and ivf solutions.

Mr. and Mrs. Tan, Singapore


We had been trying to have a baby for quite a few years but were always unsuccessful but because of TWSC total dedication and high quality service and choice of surrogate, we were blessed with a baby girl.

“The White Stork Company” is the best surrogacy agency in the world. The Team has been very professional and we got full support from them in times of need.

We were well taken care of and all our stay in India was quite a pleasurable one.

We are thankful to The White Stork Company.

Mr. and Mrs. M. S. Singapore


Mrs. Douglas was almost 30, when she received news of being pregnant. But unfortunately she had a very horrible experience with her first unsuccessful pregnancy with one bad report that she won’t be able to deliver a baby again as she was having a very weak uterus.

It was awful me and my husband she said to the team of TWSC, but since I knew that the surrogacy is the only possible way we could have our own biological children; we finally decided to go for it. Our friends and families were all supportive and were always with us with our each and every decision. Since we were going to spend our money and faith with an agency, we wanted to make sure that they were professional and legit. After much of internet research, we could find out TWSC as the right choice, being very nice and sensitive to us.

Our first round actually didn’t work, however we did not lose hope and after six months implanted two embryos and our surrogate got pregnant with twins! For the whole period the entire team was with us, also very responsive with our surrogates as well, making sure that her needs were being met.

The day our twins were born, everything was ready in the hospital with the obvious situation that we were treated as the parents to be! We could spend quality time with our surrogate and the entire team of TWSC in the hospital. During the whole process and during that moment we felt like they were our family too.

It was really sad, to say goodbye to the entire team of TWSC and our surrogate. We Skype every few months and share the development of our babies. I think we could get more than we have asked for!

Mrs & Mr. Douglas


Rob and I have been together since past 11 years. Many times in the past, we had discussed about having children but couldn’t really decide, whether we should go ahead for an either egg donor or surrogacy. After getting to know that the procedure is completely safe, legitimate and affordable we had decided to go further with TWSC as the best choice to connect with our surrogate. My wonderful niece helped us to be an egg donor, after which we went to TWSC to choose a surrogate. It took about 2-3 months for us to find a right one, we liked and another 3-4 months for both our egg donor and surrogate to prepare for the embryo transfer.

The next 36 week were amazing, every single medical visit was very excited news for us to be close to our future children. The effort of the entire team of TWSC was great and took such a good care of both our surrogate and our children. They reassured all along the way that these babies were ours. Finally Kate & Bill were born! We spend the entire time right from the delivery till discharge in the hospital with our children and surrogate. The team was very supportive till the time we took our children back home to our country.

Really looking forward to the happy years ahead with Kate and Bill!

Rob & Nico, proud parents

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