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The Tan Family is one of the many couples aspiring to be proud parents. Like a normal couple, they were trying to have a baby for more than 10 years. The couple was thoroughly exhausted by trying different fertility problem. After experiencing a lot of heartbreaks and pain, finally they explored that the surrogacy can be a possible option of having a baby. The couple underwent IVF preparation under Dr. Yeong in Singapore and travelled to India for the final phase of the treatment.

The couple had very smooth and positive experience with their surrogacy agency, The White Stork Company. The team had been very friendly, courteous to them; explaining the entire process in a very simplified manner to them. The couple didn’t have to worry about anything, right from their arrival till the time they had their baby in their hands; everything was taken care by the team.

The couple was first made to understand the entire process of treatment, as they had already tried all other procedure, they directly opted for surrogacy. However, still being optimistic, they chose to give one more chance to their destiny. Initially embryos were transferred into uterus of Mrs. Tan, unfortunately she failed to conceive again. The couple was a bit skeptical in the choice of their surrogate. Although, the team of the White Stork, with their large database, helped the couple to find the right surrogate of their choice. The couple seemed to be completely satisfied with her family background, medical history, etc.

Fortunately, the surrogate became pregnant in the first attempt of assisted transfer of fertilized embryos in her uterus.  The couple was timely informed about their baby’s development,in fact, they were physically presented with all medical check up, ultrasounds of their surrogates, so that they could enjoy those precious moments of watching their babies inside the womb. They were informed about her diet, routine and other milestone time to time.

Finally, it was a very delightful moment for the couple to have their twin sons in their own hands. It is like a dream come true for them. The couple was very happy with the overall experience, had a very strong emotional bonding both with the team of white stork and their surrogate as well. Throughout their journey of being parents, they had a feeling of gratitude and contentment towards the team  of The White Stork Company.

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