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Surrogacy Solutions in India

Look for affordable options beyond Surrogacy US

Surrogacy in the United States is legal but is far from affordable even for most couples residing in the country. Costs for surrogacy in the United States run in excess of $100,000, this is something beyond reach for most couples looking to start a family. Not to forget the additional costs once you have the baby home. This can go beyond affordability for most couples. Hence a smarter choice will be to opt for surrogacy abroad.

Affordable Alternatives to Surrogacy US

However, it is equally important to find surrogacy options that are safe and can be provided at a good enough facility. This is where surrogacy options in India become very attractive. India offers a wide range of legal and safe surrogacy options at less than half the cost. Moreover, there are a lot of specialist doctors with the right kind of experience performing surrogacy in India. With so many positives, surrogacy India seems to be just the ideal solution for someone who is considering surrogacy in US.

It offers similar medical facilities, experience doctors and a hassle free surrogacy process at a cost that is far more pocket friendly.

Professional Surrogacy Agencies

There are professional surrogacy agencies like The White Stork Company that have helped couples realize their dream of becoming parents via surrogacy. With well-structured processes, surrogacy is done in a phase wise manner thus ensuring that your interest is protected at all times. You can also get a detailed step by step approach chart from the agency so that you know what to expect mentally as well as financially.

Moreover, these agencies are connected to experienced and well known doctors who help supervise and execute the surrogacy. Also the clinics/hospitals are fully equipped for such a procedure.

Get in touch with our experts at The White Stork Company so that we can help you become proud parent with surrogacy India. You can contact us at [email protected]

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