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Surrogacy Solutions in India

Look for affordable options beyond Surrogacy UK

Surrogacy in the United Kingdom is legal but it comes with an understatement about the compensation paid to the surrogate mother. It says that the surrogate mother should not do this for money and hence the couple wanting surrogacy should only pay a reasonable amount for the medical expenses, paying a fee to the surrogate mother is prohibited.

This makes it difficult for a couple to find a surrogate mother who is motivated enough to undergo the 9 month period for the couple and carry their baby. Moreover the medical costs are not cheap either, hence it is very important that a good, safe and legal option is found instead of surrogacy UK.

Surrogacy options near UK

A lot of countries in near UK, in the Europe Union have not legalized surrogacy hence you need to look a little further to get a good option. With a reasonable proximity, well equipped facilities, experienced doctors and affordable costs, surrogacy in India does provide an attractive option for a lot of couple from the UK looking to start a family.

Increasing trends of Global Surrogacy

With liberal laws on same sex marriage and a lot of couples deciding to get married at a later age, surrogacy has become a very popular option among couples. Also working couples are unable to take a career break for parenthood and hence resort to surrogacy. Most of the couples are ready to travel to destinations like India where there are ample of satisfactory options for surrogacy.

The White Stork Company is one of the leading surrogacy agencies in India offering a good alternative to people looking for surrogacy UK. With surrogacy and visa laws in India being favorable, it is probably one of the best options considering the price factor as well.

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