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IVF Treatment & procedure

Surrogacy treatment

Before you begin actual treatment a lot of planning is required. We will arrange for you to liaise with your selected doctor who will ask you a set of questions and then plan a treatment for you. You will be given a detailed chart of your treatment plan which includes taking ovarian stimulating medications etc.

At this stage you, your partner or selected egg Donor will commence taking ovarian stimulating medications as per doctor's protocol in accordance with your/ their cycle and personalised medical timeline and protocol.  If you can only come to India for your actual procedure, don't worry.  You can do the bulk of your stimulation in your home country and cycle monitoring can be done with your local Gynecologist or fertility specialist.  S/he can monitor the ovarian stimulation in conjunction with the doctor in India. During this period your Donor and/ Surrogates will also be prepared and monitored to ensure they are in sync for egg collection and embryo transfer, accordingly. Ideally we recommend you to come and stay for the entire period of medication.

Whilst this approach can save on the number of hotel-nights spent in India, it does require greater diligence and coordination on your behalf to ensure that cycle monitoring and feedback is regular. Also since medication is undoubtedly more expensive in your home country than in India, you can actually end up paying more for medication and supervision.  At a minimum you and your partner will need to be in India for no less than 5 days to cover the actual treatment (if not using a Donor), as the final days in lead up to egg collection are particularly critical to get right.  Egg collection will take place around day 14-16, typically in the morning allowing you suitable recovery time post operation.  We do not advise that you plan your international travel for that day, however you are free to return home as you then please, and then the rest is over to nature and the medical team'

You will be promptly informed on the outcome of the egg collection and kept abreast of embryo fertilisation and involved in any decisions concerning transfer, i.e. number of embryos whether you are in India or have returned home.  Before you leave India the relevant legal contracts and paperwork must also be completed and signed, most likely before transfer. At this stage your next round of payment will be due.

Approximately 14 days after embryo transfer, a chemical pregnancy test will be performed to confirm pregnancy or not.  You will be contacted immediately (we will be mindful of time zone differences), via email or phone as you prefer, advising you of the test result and next steps.  We pray that the results will be positive in which case the next phase of your journey begins. Two weeks later an ultrasound test will be done to confirm pregnancy. 

Throughout the pregnancy months

  • You will be kept updated on the progress of the pregnancy, the timing and results of all ante natal tests and scans and on the general wellbeing of your Surrogate. 
  • You will receive fortnightly reports via email. 
  • You will be actively consulted at times when significant decisions need to be taken regarding the pregnancy, for example: should you wish to have an amniocentesis performed or not. 
  • We will assure you that you are never out of the loop and have control over the process.  Such conversations will be done via conference call with the doctor and ourselves on the line.

Otherwise, you can rest assured that the heath of the baby/ babies and Surrogate is being monitored and medicated accordingly. 

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