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Surrogacy Solutions in India

Fast Track your Surrogacy!

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Surrogacy for Singapore Citizens just became more rewarding! Government of Singapore is providing cash benefits to its citizens to start or expand their families in the year 2015. Keeping this in mind, The White Stork Company(TWSC) is offering discounts on entire Surrogacy package including your IVF Treatment, stay, concierge services etc in India. Call +919654321400 to know more.

Surrogacy in Singapore

While everyone will want to have babies through the natural process, it may not be possible for some to conceive naturally. For them the traditional ways of treatment - IVF and IU seem to be the only modes of treatment. These treatments may be suitable for some, but what about the substantial size of population where this method cannot work? For example there may be cases where a woman has no or too small a uterus, or a woman is susceptible to life danger if she gets pregnant. In such cases looking for Affordable surrogacy solutions overseas seems to be a viable option. Because though the Government promotes Baby Bonus schemes, it however restricts health institutions from offering Surrogacy Services as a commercial option. 

The White Stork Company is the premier Surrogacy agency working in Singapore. We are the fastest growing agency exclusively offering In Vitro Fertilisation/Surrogacy treatments in India, with the best possible options. TWSC has tie-ups with various clinics in India providing High Quality IVF/Infertility Treatments. We also help find you surrogate mothers who are just right for you!

The White Stork Company Surrogacy Services

What Is Surrogacy?

Surrogacy Procedure

Service Benefits

Surrogacy basically means when another woman carries and gives birth to a baby for the biological parents of the child. Surrogacy procedure involves the implantation of embryo created  using either:

  1. The eggs and sperm of the intended parents
  2. A donate egg fertilized with sperm from the intended father
  3. An embryo created using eggs and sperm

Need assessment is done to confirm eligibility.

Commencement of ovarian stimulating medication by partner egg donor.

Egg collection will take place around day 14-16.

Test to determine pregnancy.

All timely ante natal test and scan of surrogate mother.

Safe Delivery of the Surrogate Mother.

Medical Facility: Surrogate Selection, Hospital assistance updated pregnancy information

On Ground Concierge Service: Visa assistance, airport transfer, home facility, doctors appointment updated of surrogate pregnancy reports, hospital assistance birth certificate, baby exit process etc.

Delivery and beyond: Should the baby/babies wants to join the world earlier than expected this will be taken care of completely and professionally. We will continue to represent you’ as the parents’, whilst awaiting your arrival


Convenient, Cost-Effective, Close-by

One of the highlights for a couple looking for surrogacy in Singapore is that they will not have to travel thousands of miles to get the medical services they are looking for. As opposed to westerners who travel large distances to get the surrogacy done in India, for most Singaporeans, it is a small flight away to Delhi.

Presence of a large number of surrogacy India agencies

There are many Indian surrogacy agencies that have a good repute and have serviced clients from different parts of the world. While this adds to their experience, it also gives you the confidence that they will be able to deliver again.

With agencies like The White Stork Company at your service, surrogacy will not be a problem. The White Stork Company is a full service Assisted Reproductive Agency, which helps you to fulfill your dream of starting a family. We are dedicated to take care of all your needs. We work very closely with you, whether it’s matching you with a #surrogate, being with you through the #IVF process, updating you with Indian Surrogacy laws or being there with you for all concierge requirements, we are walking the path with you at every step. If you are ready to start off or want to enquire more, email us at [email protected].

Beyond achieving your dream of parenthood, India is an absolute package of treatment, discovering a new destination, pleasure, and of savings.

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