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IVF Gestational Surrogacy Services

Surrogacy Services in India

Surrogacy and IVF Solutions in India The White Stork Company is a full service assisted reproductive agency, which helps you to fulfill your dream of starting a family. We understand that it has been long frustrating years for you trying to have a little bundle of joy but unfortunately your dream still remains unfulfilled. As you would have researched till now, there are various assisted techniques which you can try to fulfill your dream. We at TWSC are committed to walk with you along the way not only by helping you in choosing the right technology but also guiding you to the right clinic and doctor who is best suited for your case. Our dedicated concierge service will help you getting around unfamiliar terrains and our relationship managers will be on top of all potential speed bumps that you might encounter during your journey. We do not guarantee medical success, but we do guarantee that your journey will be smooth, transparent and you will always find us standing with you in moments of exuberance or despair.

Dedicated Relationship Manager

Once you decide to engage us, you will be allocated a dedicated relationship manager (RM). Your RM will have years of experience in dealing with couples such as yourself and would be sensitized through our training to help you in getting answers to all your questions and concerns no matter what they are. The RM is in direct contact with your doctor and hence the speed of information flowing between you and your doctor will always be lightning fast. Our RM’s typically handle 1-2 client at any given time hence your case details will always be fresh in his/her mind even in their sleep. The RM’s have independent relations with the doctors and hence they are able to get information and answers from the doctors faster then even you will get if you contact doctors directly.

Medical Services

Based on your case details, you will be offered one or more of the following services:

IVF Treatment

  • IVF with fresh cycle
  • IVF with donor eggs
  • IVF with donor sperms
Gestational Surrogacy

Gestational surrogacy uses In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) to create an embryo using the ova/eggs from the mother or egg donor and sperm from the father that is then implanted in a surrogate. This allows the intended parents to have a genetically related child.

  • Surrogacy with fresh cycle
  • Surrogacy with frozen embryo’s
  • Surrogacy with donor eggs
  • Surrogacy with donor sperms
IVF Gestational Surrogacy is recommended in following circumstances:

  • Women whose ovaries are producing eggs but they do not have uterus, this could be because they have had a hysterectomy (removal of uterus) performed due to cancer, severe hemorrhage or ruptured womb, or they were born without a uterus. This is by far the most common indication for IVF surrogacy.
  • A woman, whose uterus is malformed or damaged and is incapable of carrying a pregnancy to term, may be recommended IVF surrogacy.
  • Women who suffer from medical problems such as diabetes, heart and kidney diseases and in whom a pregnancy would be life threatening. However, their long term prospect for health is good.
  • Repeated miscarriages where the causes of miscarriage have been fully investigated, may also suggest IVF surrogacy treatment.

Once you and your treating doctor have decided on what would be the best path for you, we will help you in coordinating the dates for your procedure. Remember, coordinating dates for reproductive procedures is a bit more tricky then just looking at calendars. It is important to match dates of your cycle with surrogates and in some cases the donors. Preparations need to start months in advance and hence the agencies role is paramount in coordinating dates between the doctor, patient (you) and the surrogate / donor.

Once the dates are finalized, your IVF cycle will begin either in your home country, or in India depending on what package you choose. If you choose to do IVF in your home country, we will be in constant touch with your local doctor (if he/she is part of our network) and get your scan results and progress reports from your doctor. If not, we will be in touch with you to get the reports so your Indian infertility expert can monitor the same as well.

On Ground Concierge Service

Once the IVF cycle is complete, it is time to come to India for the OPU and Embryo Transfer. This will probably be the first time you will meet your RM face to face. This will also be the time when you will be assigned your concierge. The concierge essentially is a representative of the agency that will be dedicated to you while you are in India. He will be on your beck and call 24 hours a day and will not only arrange for all your transportation but also accompany you wherever you need to go. He will be there to take you to doctor’s appointments, shopping trips (yes, he will negotiate rates for you with shopkeepers), sight- seeing (yes, he will be able to tell you historical details of monuments), take you to restaurants of the cuisine you like (No, you do not have to pay for his food) etc. Your concierge is your guide in the alien city and his aim is to make your stay as comfortable as possible while you are here. The concierge services handles only one patient at any given time and hence you will see the same friendly face each time you wish to go out and there is no chance of any miscommunication of any kind.

Legal Services

Surrogacy / IVF can be a taxing procedure as there is a huge emotional baggage of past failures coming to each new cycle. Add to it the complicated legal framework and it could be an overwhelming experience. That is why the role of the agency becomes much more important. We are consistently updated on the changing legal scenario in the country and are in a position to advise our clients what is to be done when. We guide our clients at each step and help them prepare required paperwork at each step.

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