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Legal Requirements for pursuing a surrogacy procedure in India.

India probably has the worlds most conducive legal environment for providing surrogacy options for married hetrosexual couples from across the world to pursue their dream of starting a family. This coupled with extremely high quality, world class medical services, practiced by doctors trained in their art from the best institutes in the world, provide the most suited environment for you to go family way.

We are pleased to provide a snapshot of legal requirements for a successful surrogacy cycle under. You can contact us if you want more details.

If you are considering surrogacy treatment in India, you need to come to India minimum of two times. First, for egg pick up and second to take your baby (ies) back home. As simple as it may sound, there are a few legal requirements that you need to full fill.

Legal Requirements before the start of the procedure:

Before you plan the dates for your first trip to India, you need to apply for a Medical-Surrogacy visa to travel to India. This application is to be made with the local Indian Embassy / High Commission in your home country. In order to make this application, you need the following documents:

  • A letter from your home country certifying that Surogacy is legal and that the childborn outside the country will get citizenship of your home country . This procedure might take upto 4 weeks for your country to issue such a letter to you. The time taken in this procedure is completely dependent on your home country.
  • A Surrogate Agreement between you as intending parents and the proposed surrogate and her husband. (TWSC will provide)
  • A letter from ART Clinic certifying that they are willing to enroll you as a patient. (TWSC will provide)

Oce you have these documents, you will approach Indian embassy with these documents and they will issue a medical - surrogacy visa to you to travel to India. It takes approximately one week from the date of application for visa to arrive, however the time can be different for different embassies. In the meantime TWSC will be constantly in touch with you.

After you arrive in India, you need to register your self with the Foreigners Registration Regional Office (FRRO). This appointment can be taken only after your arrival in India. You will need to go to the FRRO office with a set of documents and get yourself registered. We will provide you a detailed list of documents required at the requisite time. We will take the appointment on your behalf and your concierge will accompany you to the office and guide you at each step. The registration process can take 2-3 days and only then can the medical procedure start.

Legal requirements at the end of a successful surrogacy at the time of taking the baby to your home country.

Once your little bundle of joy is born, it is time for you to come back to India to take the baby (ies) back home. Again, there are a few legal requirements at this point.

  • You first need to apply for a birth certificate from the local authorities for the baby. This formality will start after you have arrived in India as you need to sign some forms. We will help you in getting the birth certificate. it generally takes 5-7 days to procure the certificate.
  • Once you have the certificate, it is time to apply for a passport with your home countries embassy in India. Every country has its set of documents and requirements to grant the passport. We will help you do the research well in advance so you have the document ready pertaining to your countries requirements. We can not predict the time it will take for you to get the passport, it totally depends on your home countries laws and requirements, but generally we have seen it can take 4-6 weeks for the same.
  • Once you have the passport, it is time to apply for an exit visa from the FRRO. This is the last step before you can get back home. We will provide you with a list of documents that are required to get this visa. The procedure will take 2-3 days once you have all the documents ready.

The White Stork Company is always there to guide you at each step, starting from procurement and completion of all documents to assisting you with when to do what. We have been doing this for many years and hence know the system inside out. We will also keep you updated with new surrogacy laws in India.

We will provide full assistance with legal contracts for surrogacy. We will also recommend hiring a professional / lawyer and will help you arrange one if you need.

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