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Mr. & Mrs. Goh were one of the most through clients, we ever had till now. The family was trying to conceive for almost more than ten years. Despite repeated IVF cycle, Mrs. Goh was not able to get pregnant.  The frustrated family was almost on the verge of giving up hope to be parents ever, however, just in time, one of their family members gave them the suggestion to try the option of the surrogacy.

Mrs. Goh was able to produce eggs through the IVF process, but following embryo transfer in each IVF cycle, she was disappointed to learn that she was not pregnant. The couple had been consulted by Dr. Yeong who advised them to travel to India for further treatment. In India, The White Stork Company and Dr. Banerjee offered a very comfortable hospitality. The couple was relaxed a bit when they came to know that the agency will take care of every small issue, the couple might have to face once in India. Although, the family was extremely professional, they made sure to understand the final detailing of the procedure. The team also made them understand legal issues, medical science behind the process. They were made aware of the chances of success and failure before their arrival in India.

The couple was given a choice of surrogates to choose from. Unfortunately, the first attempt of the surrogacy failed, but that didn’t keep the couple from trying again. Dr. Yeong decided to change the protocol for the second time and Dr. Banerjee agreed to the same. With their combined effort, the second attempt was successful.

The couple was timely informed about the diet, development and tests the surrogate was undergoing. The couple was allowed to be physically present with the surrogate for all her ultrasounds, so that they should experience the joy of watching their own baby inside the mother’s womb. The result was a cute baby boy.

The couple was extremely happy and delighted to hold their baby in their hands for the first time. It was a memorable and emotional moment for everybody, including the couple and a team of The White Stork Company.

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