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Frozen Embryo Transfer

In recent years, the success with Frozen Embryo Transfers, obtained from previous fresh IVF cycle has acquired an amazing reputation, making it a practicable option to be considered before opting for another IVF cycle.

Frozen embryos remain viable for an infinite period of time, after the initial freeze. Thus, if you want to do IVF in your home country or you have successfully delivered a baby and are ready to expand your family with your already frozen embryos, TWSC provides an option of Frozen Embryo Transfers.

As per the services, we will arrange for the embryos to be shipped to India through our authorized shipping company, which specializes in temperature controlled medical shipments. Once in India the embryos will be frozen at the chosen ART clinic till the time they are ready to be transferred. When a patient is ready to proceed, TWSC work in close association right from reviewing records to ensure the necessary medical testing till the transplantation of required embryos. We assure safe keeping of the embryos in India and have established protocols to make sure no damage is done in shipping or freezing of the same in India. The success rates of an FET cycle are nearly the same as fresh IVF. The maternal age at the time of embryo freezing can be an added advantage.

Success Rate of Frozen Embryo Transfer?

Chances of frozen embryo transfer working:

  • Age of the woman.
  • Quality of the frozen embryos.
  • Stage of the frozen embryos (day they were frozen, usually day 3 or day 5-6).
  • The quality of the uterus and how it is prepared for the FET.
  • The IVF lab's embryo freezing protocol and their expertise with cryopreservation.


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