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Mrs. Douglas was almost 35, when she received news of being pregnant. But unfortunately she had a very horrible experience with her first unsuccessful pregnancy with one bad report that she won’t be able to deliver a baby again as she was having a very weak uterus.

The news was shattering for me and my husband. i researched extensively on net and found that surrogacy is the only possible way we could have our own biological children; we finally decided to go for it. Our friends and families were all supportive and were always with us with our each and every decision. Since we were going to spend our money and faith with an agency, we wanted to make sure that they were professional and legit. After much of internet research, we could find out, The White Stork Company as the right choice, being very nice and sensitive to us.

Our first round actually didn’t work, however we did not lose hope and after six months implanted two embryos and our surrogate got pregnant with twins! For the whole period the entire team was with us, also very responsive with our surrogates as well, making sure that her needs were being met.

The day our twins were born, everything was ready in the hospital with the obvious situation that we were treated as the parents to be! During the whole process and during that moment we felt like TWSC were our family too.

It was really sad, to say goodbye to the entire team of TWSC. We Skype every few months and share the development of our babies. I think we got more than we have asked for!

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