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IVF Treatment & procedure

Delivery and Beyond

There is no way of predicting the exact timing and/or nature of your baby's delivery.  Again don't worry, should the baby/babies want to join the world earlier than expected this will be taken care of completely and professionally. 

We understand that you are not simply in the next town and that you may need some time to get over to India. We will continue to represent you 'as the parents', whilst awaiting your arrival and your baby/ babies will be cared for in the hospital and remain under the care of the neonatology/ pediatric physician.  They are yours to discharge as soon as they are able to leave the neonatal facility.

Birth certificates and associated paperwork will need to be completed and pass hands. At least one parent will need to remain in India to facilitate confirmation of your baby's'/ babies' citizenship through your country's high commission/embassy and secure travel documents for your newborn(s).

The significance of this stage should not be underestimated and the duration of your stay will be influenced by your personal circumstances, the health and wellbeing of your child/ children and your home country's bureaucratic processes.

You can rest assured as we are here to help you find suitable longer term accommodation, facilitate access to legal and diplomatic support, help you find experienced care to help you and your newborn, ensure hospital processes run smoothly ' essentially anything to help make your stay on in India as 'hassle free' as possible and to help expedite your safe passage home. 

Please note that most parents, have been able to leave India somewhere between week 4-6 weeks post-delivery. Our aim is to ensure that the time you spend in India is bonding with your child/ children and not worrying about other logistics. 

We will send you a detail of our surrogacy fees structure and the stages they are due in for this stage after you have paid your initial deposit. These are optional services that you can refuse to subscribe too.


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