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What if, you don’t succeed at first……..


It was a routine weekday morning; I was busy winding up my daily household chores as I had to rush to the clinic. In between the task, I was taking a break of 1 or 2 mins to plan my agenda for the whole day. All of a sudden, my phone rang; it was a call from my clinic! The cool wave of excitement passed through me! I thought great news can be on the other end, as I was expecting a blood report from my client’s surrogate. I thought, if it would have been positive an exciting new journey of life will start!  However, I could only hear those two words, “I am Sorry…………” and the rest turned as if the blank white screen, you could generally see in the movie.

For a moment, I decided not to spoil my whole day’s schedule and not to be upset, blaming those stupid hormones for the failure!! Although my client Jenny, an intended mother was still hopeful with abundance of tears in her eyes. All she could do is holding back her tears and say, “Let’s try again, it’s a part of the process, sometimes it doesn’t take……..” This gave me some kind of a relaxation, as I really had no idea, how I was going to convey this to Jenny! As I know, how important this child for them. The couple was trying to conceive for past 15 years and tried all natural and adaptive procedures to have their own baby.  However, they could not and finally they had come across the technique of surrogacy. They opted to go for it, as their last chance to have their own baby before they could adopt a child. Failure or success is a part of the process, as she said rightly, but the couples are so emotionally attached to the entire procedure of surrogacy, that sometimes it becomes hard for them to accept the fact that the procedure cannot be 100% effective at first attempt, although they are not wrong in their perception! They put so much energy both physically as well as emotionally by hoping for the best.

 In that sense, I appreciate Jenny, as she was ready to try it again, as this was not the outcome she was hoping for. Her positive attitude and hope that the process will work for her and she will get the baby the couple have been dreaming for since long! I as well assured her that we will keep moving forward together as a family and maybe next time the sadness could be replaced by the eternal happiness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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