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The Journey of a Surrogate


In spite of being the tiring day, I am not able to sleep. The reason being the most emotional conversation I have had in the morning with one of the surrogates. She was sharing her experience with me. I couldn’t help but listen to her calmly.


She was the woman of her early 30’s.  Her presentation, appearance could easily reveal that she had gone through many ups and downs in her life, under the shadow of the emotional trauma that she had experienced. Probably in the ratio of her good and bad times, the bad times outweighed the good times! In her early life, she always wanted right things at the right time without any hassles, which are to get better with some kind of unimaginable magic! She used to be very impatient, short tempered and had always perceived things from only her point of view. Her attitude was so much ruthless, that she could no longer maintain with her parents or her husband. She had to face many crazy situations like undergoing evictions, staying in a hotel for a while, staying alone, unemployed etc.

Amongst all bad, one good moment was when she realized for the first time, that she was pregnant. And that was the moment, which could hit her in a better sense. She could sense that she wasn’t living a life to make things better, on the contrary, she was living a life of anger, disappointment and hurt. Motherhood has changed her perception. She changed herself from a difficult, manipulative and annoying person to a loving, passionate, caring, patient and helpful mom! Her little girl named Khushi was the greatest teacher of Love and Hope. Although Khushi was her surrogate baby; with her, she could understand that living only with love and hope is possible. After all, instead of living in a self, living for others can only make your life worthwhile.

This was the message, she wanted to give to others also. The change, the lessons she has had while carrying this girl in her womb could be applicable to people of all the ages, all the religion and backgrounds.

The lady conveyed me a message of Self worth, Courage, Strength and Determination, we all need to make a meaningful life!

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