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It was a beautiful autumn afternoon!  The lunch time was just over, and almost half of our office was empty as people had been out for a quick sun bath!  Since the last entire week was quite pulsating, I couldn’t check my mails, I took this as the right opportunity  to finish off my not so important works! To my surprise, amongst many unwanted mails; one was very appealing with a subject line flashing “HAPPY HALLOWEEN”. When I opened it, I saw beautiful pictures of sweet little girl, with the tag line that, the little Kathy finally enjoyed her first of its kind Halloween without falling asleep and not knowing what the heck is going on- Regards Mr. and Mrs. Bill!

I couldn’t believe this, I mean its so crazy that almost four years ago we met Kathy’s intended parents looking for an option of surrogacy and the other day she turned to be three! I went into sudden flashback memorizing how as a very normal couple Mr. And Mrs. Bill tried every possible treatment option on this earth with an intense desire to enjoy parenthood. How Mrs. Bill suddenly met her wonderful neighbor who was an Indian and who referred the couple to TWSC.

When we have had our first meeting the couple was almost seemed to be on the verge of losing hopes and considered this as the last option before they go for the adoption. We had a detailed discussion on the possible options w.r.t. the history and medical records from which all of us agreed to go for the surrogacy.  Although finding a right match was not the difficult part for the team of TWSC, than succeeding in the first attempt!  But again with the god’s grace first attempt only worked like a charm! The couple was very excited, caring about their surrogate. They took care of all her medical expenses, diet, exercise routine. The couple felt as if the entire period of nine months was like an eternity to be parents.

At last, the day arrived when Mrs. Bill could actually hug her little wonder! Her eyes were full of tears and her heart was full of mixed thoughts and emotions! She couldn’t find a right word, although she wanted to thank every single person involved in this entire journey. The couple was grateful to everybody and with a very heavy heart they could depart from us! Even we as a team was fully content with our another Mission Accomplished!

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