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Due to more and more legal difficulties accompanied by the process of adoption, surrogacy is rather a preferred choice for many of the couples overseas. However, the increasing cases of baby abandonment, including the highly controversial baby Gammy case, and recently uncovered story of increasing human trafficking of the abandoned babies have certainly raised an alarming situation, which shows an urgent and serious need of surrogacy law reformation.

These stories and reports have clearly narrated the picture that the couples who are desperate to have their own baby are ready to spend lots of money, without giving a second thought about the cons of the assisted reproduction. Many of the times, it has been observed that these couples are only interested in their baby, without even a single consideration to know, what would happen if something goes wrong! These couples need to understand the plausible fact that whatever procedure they are going to opt for, they are going to end up with an actual human being at the end. As it makes sense, that the processes can take years and couples are so desperate to get their own babies in their hands, they can certainly overlook some of the challenges of assisted reproduction techniques such as multiple births or disabilities etc. In that case, it is the responsibility of the clinicians to make them aware with the facts.

So before anyone opts for the surrogacy, they need to get answers for some of the important questions such as are they aware with all the pros and cons of assisted reproduction or surrogacy? Are they financially strong to raise multiple babies? If they have to face an option of aborting a fetus due to some disabilities, will they really go for it or they would rather opt for raising a disabled child. These are some of the facts, which need to be addressed before proceeding further, if they can find out satisfactory answers to the questions; they can go ahead with the same.

Thus if the couples have an emotional and practical control on their mind, the whole procedure of becoming a parent can be very beautiful and generous thing!

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