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It is well said that the since the God could not be everywhere, he made mothers! They are the god’s creation on the earth. This is the only person; you could always expect to be with you in every odd. Whether her all wishes are fulfilled or not, she will always struggle or fight with the world to make you smile! One such mother is fighting to make her dead daughter’s ultimate wish of becoming a mother a reality!

Yes the 59 year old mother, wants to house in her uterus the frozen eggs of her own dead daughter as her last wish. Her 28 year daughter in her last stage of colon cancer had frozen her eggs with the hope that if she would survive, she will have her own family. She had also shared her desperation to have family with other staff of the hospital. She had informed her doctors that she won’t be interested in surgery, which was referred to her as the last chance of survival; if her womb is affected. The young woman wanted her mother to carry her babies, because she believed that her parents are the safest option to grow her family. However a UK authority of the Human Fertilization and Embryology is taking objection because as per the law, the lady did not sign any consent stating her clear cut intentions.

The mother, who is commonly referred as Mrs. M, is begging in front of the court that this was her daughter’s dying wish and hence she wants to give birth to her own grandchildren and no law should have any objections against her wish.

Well, that’s the agony all of us are facing today. The science or the technology should be for the people and not against the people. The rules are required to be made by considering their positive and negative impacts on people’s life. Just because the girl couldn’t define her wish clearly or the regulatory authority couldn’t understand her intention, cannot prevent her from fulfilling her daughter’s only wish.

We should pray that the mother will win the battle in an expected ruling of the case.

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