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Infertility is a Rising Problem


There is no secret that the reality stars, getting married in their late 30’s or early 40’s and may face trouble getting pregnant and it could in reality stress them out. However, many of them are pretty open to discuss the issue in public. There are many modern couples who are actually complaining that when you are not planning for your baby, it happens and when you want it so badly, it’s not happening! That is how they blame it on destiny and on god. However, the science says that being seriously overage can bring a range of infertility problems. Sometimes people are well within the age, but still they face a problem in conception. The other common problem that may lead to early puberty can be obesity.  It has been identified in the recent study that complications in the reproductive system, are among the long term risks to children who are battling with the serious weight problems.

Still in a modern society where we are living, the inability to conceive is filled with the shame and secrecy. Partners would not disclose that they are trying to conceive for years and for that matter, they even don’t want to visit to the doctors. Moreover, when it comes to men and abnormal sperm, the ego can still clash amongst the couples considering it the biggest blasphemy. So in order to understand the root cause, the couple should know what can lead to infertility or first of all what is infertility. There are many causes, that may lead to the problem of infertility or sometimes it is just the matter of right time as women are likely to get pregnant only during the time of their ovulation, which may be once a month. In this particular article, we will just discuss issues related to women and possible options before opting Assisted Reproductive Technology.

As we all know both women and men’s reproductive system is totally under control of our hormones secreted by different organs. If there is malfunctioning in one of the organs, it may result into the hormonal imbalance. This may hinder the process of ovulation. However, with the proper medications, normal diet, lot of rest this imbalance can be brought back to the normal.

Other than this, monthly ovaries mature, releasing an egg into the Fallopian tubes. The sperm can travel only up to this stage and can fertilize the egg after which the fertilized ovum can travel down to the uterus where it will grow into the baby. Although, if there is a blockage or scarring in these tubes due to some kind of an infection, it may hinder the process of conception. The problem can be treated through tubal surgery. In addition to this, each month the women endometrium or uterine lining more precisely prepares itself for a zygote to implant a baby. However, sometimes the possibility is that the tissue can migrate to other parts of the reproductive system that may lead to the infertility. A laparoscopic surgery may be suggested to remove the endometrial tissue. Lastly fibroids, cysts, polyps or scarring can also hinder the the process of fertilization. If the above mentioned methos do not work the woman can then opted for the assisted reproduction.

Thus with more and more technological advances conception can be much simpler process; what needed is that couple should accept their situation and take proper medical guidance.


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