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India's premier Surrogacy and IVF agency that has been helping couples from around the world realizing their dream of Parenthood via the most modern, yet cost effective, Fertility program for over 5 years.

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Surrogacy Agency in India

About us

Welcome to our website, hosted by The White Stork Company, where you can learn more about the services we can offer you.

The fact that you are accessing our site no doubt means that you have already been through much and now travelling overseas is possibly the last resort in an ongoing struggle to have a child. We know that facing infertility, whilst dreaming of being a parent can be a very stressful and consuming experience, emotionally, physically and often financially.

At The White Stork, we have firsthand experience of dealing with all aspects of infertility and in providing tailored IVF and Surrogacy solutions for clients. We have been directly involved in the successful delivery of healthy babies since 2006.

We are dedicated to the delivery of assisted fertility (IVF)/ Surrogacy services through accredited, proven clinics in India. We provide comprehensive assisted reproduction services to eligible people; traditional families, and the LGBT community can avail us to help fulfill their dream of becoming parents.

We will work with you to make every phase of the process as predictable and comfortable as possible - from an initial assessment of your needs, through to and beyond delivery.

We take the gift and responsibility of becoming a parent very seriously. Hence, we are selective in who we will offer our services to and those of our partners.

We will strive to assist anyone seeking assisted reproduction, yet there are certain markers that need to be met, such as:

  • You and Your partner must be considering Surrogacy because of a proven medical disability in conceiving and/ or carrying a child. We will not offer services to women who are capable of carrying their own child but dont wish to do so.
  • The client must be financially, psychologically, physically and socially prepared to and able to raise child/children. We are also restricted in our ability to offer services to people deemed too old to raise a child beyond the childs early years.
Once your eligibility is established you have a variety of options available to you in India. Whether you are simply seeking to increase your chances of your own IVF attempt, or require donors and/or gestational surrogacy, we can assist you.

More information on these treatments is outlined in our Services Page.

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