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Surrogacy Solutions in India


If you are one of those intended parents, who even after repeated failures of opting for a baby through natural or artificial ways don’t want to go for the surrogacy; I will try to convince you to think it as an option by correcting some of the most pervasive fictions related to gestational surrogacy.

It may be quite possible that many times you might have come across the term; however you must be thinking it as a celebrity affair because of some of the recent stories of Sarah Parker, Shahrukh Khan and Elton John, who have shelled out a lot of money in the surrogacy to build their families. However, as a matter of fact, the surrogacy although not inexpensive by any chance, can be within a reach of couples who are not celebrities or super rich. The prospective parents, who have financial constraints, can be guided along with their decisions to help them keep costs down. Thus, your concern about expenses is always appreciated as a legitimate issue, but that should not make you feel that surrogacy is simply out of your reach.


Another fear that you may come across is what if your surrogate denies to hand over the baby to you? Well, then let me assure you that you are not the only one! This a very common and needless worry among many of the aspiring parents who are unfamiliar with the process of surrogacy. In reality, surrogacy is a completely legalized agreement between intended parents and the chosen surrogate in compliance with the requisite and recommended screening by expert professionals and clearly addresses the legal rights of the aspiring parents concerning their child. That may be the reason; the intended parents are always advised to ensure that their chosen surrogate does understand her responsibilities. Thus, in other words, virtually any woman cannot be a surrogate for your baby, and there are always some necessary safeguards such as her age, financial stability, family support, medical history etc. in addition to patience, flexibility and willingness to be inconvenienced, which you need to consider while choosing the right surrogate.

In any case you please don’t consider your surrogate as a genetically related mother of your baby, since she is just a carrier of the embryo which has been fertilized artificially by your own ovum and sperm. Hence, any how you are the biological parent of your baby and not the surrogate, she has just helped you succeed in this noblest of endeavours.

Thus, apart from some common falsehood listed here, there are many misconceptions around the subject of surrogacy, which have to be addressed by experts since the concept is a relatively young social phenomenon. Since the matter is very complex with many inevitable apprehensions and emotions, we invite you to contact us to learn more.

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