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My Journey of Parenthood


Please excuse me, for not updating you so long; as I was messed up with my kids and my official projects. Well…… not anymore!

One of my clients, who frequently used to write to me about the developments related to his two surro  kids, wrote this to me. Before guessing anything, I started continuing reading the entire letter!

Now since, kids have being distracted with their play stations and their new Disney clubhouse, I decided to utilize this free time, for updating you quickly. Since, the time I wrote you last, there have been so many milestones and both the kids are growing fast!

Both Jane and Jack began cutting their favourite chocolate pie with their first teeth! Although, I am still wondering while Janne is sprouting teeth like anything, 3 at the top and two at the bottom; Jack is still carrying his first two at the bottom! It’s so much fun to watch and compare them! They may not be able to understand, our words or what we say, however they very well know, what we are talking about.  Both kids love to express their love towards their daddies, by hugging us. Ohhh! such a wonderful feeling it is! We love to watch the kids grow! Earlier, if you could remember, I had told you that Janne is little laid back, whereas Jack was the spunky one. Well that scenario has changed now; Janne has become super determined and bubbly. She will never do anything against her will. If she grabs anything, that she was not supposed to, she will make you chase after to get that thing back! LOL! Jack, on the contrary, loves to lay with me on our favourite couch.

Life has been in a full speed with them, I never had experienced any kind of dull moment right from the first day of their presence! I am very thankful to god and you for gifting me such as wonderful moments. I even asked Michael to marry me and he agreed for the same. We are getting married by end of this year.

Hope, you are doing well too, and promise to update you soon.

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