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In Vitro Fertilization Treatment


For many parents who were trying to have a baby for a long time, the advances in an In Vitro Technology have created a great new pavement. This has thrown aside the traditional impression, for the process of being parents, and has provided many options to enjoy parenthood to the hopeful couples.

Robert Edward was the scientist, who had developed this technique. For the first time, the Nobel prize winner had helped a desperate couple to let their test tube baby enter into the world.

Basically, the In vitro Fertilization is the most potent form of assisted reproduction involving fertilization of the human egg outside the body. Although, previously the rate of success was not observed to be up to the mark, with the progress of science, they have increased to the significant levels. The technique may either involve parent’s own germ cells, such as eggs or sperms or it may involve their lending from an anonymous donor opted in case of any one of the partners has defects in their reproductive system.  Problems associated with the reproductive systems can be many such as Fallopian tube blockage, uterine cysts, impaired sperm production, reduced sperm motility, genetic disability, etc. The probability of the success rate can be increased, by retrieving the number of eggs from biological mother, who may or may not be the intended mother. Once the eggs are fertilized, they are implanted back into the body. Every cycle of IVF takes around two – three weeks to complete the procedure.

Currently there are many clinics who are involved in IVF treatment, while choosing one of them you need to keep in mind that the success of the procedure is not solely dependent upon the clinic, but there are many other factors involved, such as the age of the patient, medical issues etc. However you should also not ignore that clinics treatment approach plays a major role as well. Before getting enrolled, it is always advisable to ask detailed information regarding the treatment plan, costs and risks associated with the treatment. You should always openly consult doctor for all the doubts you have in your mind such as maybe you are curious whether there are any side effects of the treatment, or how much time do you have or maybe if you are opting for donor sperm or egg, who will be the donor etc. etc. A trained counselor will be able to solve all your queries associated with the treatment.

Although IVF is safe, but there are some side effects and risks associated with it as with any other medical procedure. You need to understand all the possible side effects with your doctor.  On a generalised note the side effects that are often observed can be  passing a small amount of body fluid, breast tenderness, mild bloating, mild cramping, constipation, etc. For most women symptoms are very mild and can be recovered very easily, however a  small percentage of them  have complaints about major complications such as severe pain or need to be addressed by the doctor immediately.

Thus, with the proper guidance earlier what seems to be a really difficult choice can be the effective option for many childless couples to experience the parenthood

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